What We Do

V2 MAL started life as a manufacturer of number plates during the late 90's. A sister company of Superbike School Ltd (SSL), the European, Middle Eastern and African trainers under the brand name California Superbike School (CSS), V2 MAL was originally called MAL Plates (MAL – Motorcyclists Are Lunatics). When the UK government changed the rules regarding number plate manufacture, MAL decided it was time to diversify and along with their colleagues at SSL scoured the world for the best motorcycling products.

In 2007 V2 MAL signed an agreement with Stomp Design Inc. located in the west coast of the USA, to be the UK and Ireland distributor of Stompgrip products. From a base of the low 10's in 2007, V2 MAL now sells thousands of stompgrip per month. The same year, MAL Plates uncovered a hidden gem of a product in Australia called TyreDown and is also the UK distributor. Along the way, MAL Plates signed an agreement with Visorvision to rebrand and rename MAL Plates to V2 MAL. This amalgamation of product lines and personnel lead to the sale of V2 Sponges, MCN 2005 product of the year. Throughout this period MAL Plates and latterly V2 MAL have been selling the entire range of educational products created by California Superbike School, under the leadership of Keith Code. V2 MAL has moved closer to its sister company SSL and now creates and designs its own broad range of products under the brand names of SSL and CSS.

To this day, V2 MAL is dedicated to providing the best products and the best service for its customers.

You can visit us at our Reading offices or come and see us at all of the UK California Superbike Schools.